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How to Post a Job for Free?

Our simple seafarers search solution will help you find more suitable candidates to lift your successful business. You can do it absolutely for free. Just fill in the form, click on the “Save Job” button and follow the instructions below. Then your work will be available to Apply. Remember you need to sign up before posting a job. Start hiring now! It`s totally free of charge to sign up!
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Post your job online right now and receive unlimited applications for free! We offer unlimited job postings and free searches on our platform. You can post as many jobs as you wish. Although MASS CV doesn`t limit the number of jobs you can post for free, we have several quality conditions for the effective rotation of your job postings.

All functions are available to you for any vacancies including free posted jobs for a termless or certain period. Free job posts can last for up to 90 days, which means you can restart your recurring job offer from time to time. Free job postings receive standard visibility in relevant search results and lag behind previous job advertisements. MASS CV job board is ideal for both large companies and small entrepreneurs seeking employees with hourly earnings. It allows you to build a custom strategy of recruiting for your business and post jobs for free. Just log into your employer account, fill in the form with your job details, and you’re ready to start hiring. Attracting talented people has never been this easy.
Ready to start hiring?
Log in as an employer and follow these easy steps to post a job for free
Step 1 Step 2
Fill in the appropriate form fields above Click Save Job button
Fill in form fields: Post a Job for Free Click Save Job: Post a Job for Free
Step 3 Step 4
Find and click on any job from the saved jobs list below Select a duration option on the control panel
Click on a New Job: Post a Job for Free Free tariff plan: Post a Job for Free
Step 5 Step 6
Press the START button to make your job active Click Back to finish and return to the jobs list
Press the START: Post a Job for Free Click Back: Post a Job for Free
Follow these simple steps to post a job

• On the Step 1: You`ll be prompted to fill in the following fields.

Country:  As you type in the location, you`ll see a dropdown list appears, where you can select the appropriate country.
State:  As you type in the region, you`ll see a list of standard prompt. Use the full name or state abbreviation. (Examples: Texas, TX)
City:  As you type in the city, you`ll see a list of popular prompt. Use only the full name of the city.
Zip:  Enter only one zip code or postal code of the office where employees are required.

Industry:  Choose the appropriate industry from the dropdown list that appears.
Position:  As you type in the position, you must rely on the job title you provide.
Salary:  Enter a specific rate or salary range for a specific period. "+bonuses", "+benefits" and other features can be included. Skipping this field means automatic assignment Unspecified.
(Examples: $30 per hour, $2000 per week, $8000 per month, $80000 per year, $30-45 per hour, $2000-3000 per week, $8000-9000 per month, $80000-90000 per year)
Job Type:  Choose the appropriate option from the dropdown list.

Select how you’d like candidates to apply:
Contact Email:  Enter only one email address to receive applications from candidates. Skipping this field means the automatic appointment of your contact specified during registration.
Phone Number:  Enter only one phone number in international format if you want to contact potential candidates directly, discuss details or set a date for an interview.
Link to Apply:  Fill in the field if you want to redirect the candidate to your official website.

Job Title: Choose the appropriate title for the job posting.
Description: Write the appropriate job description, job duties and requirements for candidates.

 [!] Review all job details before posting your job.

• On the Step 2: Click "Save Job" button.

• On the Step 3: Find and click on the newly created job vacancy to continue

• On the Step 4: Set the term during which your job posting will be available for visitors. After this period, your vacancy will be stopped. You can resume it at any time. Click "Edit" if you want the fix or improve your job offer.

• On the Step 5: Click the "Start" button to make your new job active.

• On the Step 6: Click "Back" to return to the list of saved jobs or create a new job advertisement.
Once your job is posted, you can manage your posted jobs, track views and collect analytics.
MASSCV offers a good opportunity to post online job vacancies and advertise your open positions to find qualified applicants in a short time. Job seekers can search for these relevant career opportunities throughout the listing. Your vacancy will be sorted automatically according to the information you provided. Moreover, some job postings will be recommended to potential candidates through the listing selection "Top Recommended".
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