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Legal & Paralegal

Assistant to Judicial Panel Chairperson

Assistant to Judicial Panel Chairperson This position coordinates the activity o

2019-11-06 2020
Position: Assistant Salary: $97,209 per year Type: Full Time Location: Washington, DC
This position coordinates the activity of the Judicial Panel Chairperson and of the full Judicial Panel. Incumbent is
responsible for the accurate and timely completion of all support activities. Performs legal and constitutional research and
assists panel members in preparing written decisions on cases coming before the Judicial Panel, including investigations,
administratorships, charges and trials, election protests, and officer eligibility challenges.
Reviews and edits all Judicial Panel decisions, ensuring that proper format is used and that the decisions conform with the
AFSCME constitution and Judicial Panel rules and procedures. Ensures consistency with Judicial Panel decisions and
accuracy of conclusions of law.
Reviews case transcripts to ensure that the findings of fact are accurate. Provides guidance on assessing penalty and
legal basis for re-run elections.
Maintains Judicial Panel case logs, assigning case numbers and titles to matters received for judicial disposition, prepares
and maintains case files on pending cases. Composes correspondence for involved parties.
Assists Judicial Panel Chairperson in determining timely filing of correspondence and that it meets constitutionally
prescribed mandates. Ensures Judicial Panel responses are timely and appropriately filed and maintained.
Reviews all appeals to the full Judicial Panel, ensuring they are timely and properly filed. Schedules full panel meetings
based on the date the appeals are filed. Keeps track of full panel cases, create agendas and communicates with panel on
all matters involving full panel meetings.
Provides guidance and support regarding attendees and document submissions during full panel meetings. Maintains
record of votes on appeals. Ensures that full panel decisions are properly written and submitted.
Assists Judicial Panel Chairperson in assigning cases, taking into consideration the complexity of the case, location of
trial/hearing. Manages panel list and strikes by parties to assist in determination of Judicial Panel case assignments.
Performs related work as required.
Prepares quarterly Judicial Panel case summary reports to the IEB. Provides report for Chairperson that summarizes the
type and disposition of each case heard by the Judicial Panel.
Prepares Judicial Panel report for each AFSCME convention, summarizing the Panel’s actions between conventions.
Summaries will include a list of all cases referred to the Panel, a description of the major issues involved and the
judgement of the Judicial Panel member.
Provides training to all new Judicial Panel members, with an emphasis on constitutional requirements and how to conduct
Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with relevant course work or any combination of education
and experience that would provide the required knowledge, skills and abilities.
Knowledge of labor unions, labor union constitutions, by-laws and charters.
Demonstrated ability to conduct legal research, draft and edit legal documents and correspondence.
Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, with the ability to create and manage databases, with a focus on the maintenance of
case files.
Ability to present data, facts, conclusions and communicate complex information effectively both orally and in writing.
Advanced analytical and critical thinking skills needed.
Law degree or paralegal experience preferred.
Travel and extended work hours may be required.
AFSCME is an equal opportunity employer, and, as such, does not discriminate an employee or applicant on the basis of
race, creed, color, age, sex, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation,
disability, or any other classification protected from discrimination under applicable law.


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