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Assistant to EVP Travel

Assistant to EVP Travel Run his complex and constantly changing schedule, strate

2019-07-11 2020
Position: Assistant Salary: $35,000 per year Type: Full Time Location: Henderson, NV
Run his complex and constantly changing schedule, strategically structuring his schedule so that he is on time, prepared and
well rested. Send a clear and detailed daily meeting agenda every evening so that he has full visibility over his day.
Oversee his personal life ranging from organizing celebrations and booking vacations to sending gifts and managing
programs with coaches etc.
Organizing weekly planning sessions each Sunday and daily check-ins to insure all tasks are being completed timely and to
Make sure his personal needs are met; bringing him lunch, booking restaurants, any delivery requirements, running errands
and booking activities (may be personal or business related).
Arrange extensive travel bookings and itineraries, including overseas to Europe. Travel domestically and internationally.
Own all admin responsibilities; submitting monthly expenses in a timely fashion. Create and managing an online filing system
of all presentations and reading materials.
Annual Salary - $35,000
Whip smart - we’re looking for candidates with a keen intellect who are able to learn the things they don’t know fast
Adaptable - everyday is different in a startup, you’ll be expected to apply yourself over a wide array of different tasks on a
daily basis
Analytical - able to assess and leverage systems and processes to figure out more effective ways to streamline and create
best practices
Hustle - we need someone with a sense of urgency who’s not afraid of doing what it takes to get the best results
Passionate - about supporting employees, creating a great working environment, making a difference
A team player - we like each other at Verve and work hard so everyone can succeed. It’s important to us that you fit in well
with our team ethos.
About Verve:
Verve is building a platform which enables our global network of advocates to sell products and services they love to their
friends in exchange for unique experiences and rewards. We‘ve established a beachhead in live entertainment and work with
some of the biggest events in the world, and are rapidly expanding our festival and event portfolio globally. As we continue to
expand rapidly within this market, we’re also developing and launching exciting new technology in the Sports and Travel
At Verve we believe in a culture of freedom and ownership. We empower you to own the value you create and impact on our
future success. And we believe that to act as an owner you should be empowered to work in the way that enables you to
deliver the best results – how and when you do is up to you. You choose your hours, where you work, the meetings you attend
and the amount of holiday to take in order to create the most value and be at your best.


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