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Administrative Coordinator

Administrative Coordinator Our Company We are a collective of people who are pas

2019-07-11 2020
Position: Administrative Coordinator Salary: $20,000-25,000 per year Type: Full Time Location: Savannah, GA
Our Company
We are a collective of people who are passionate about two things: the web, and helping people. We share a love of tech,
design, and business, and a gung-ho urge to zag when everyone else zigs. All of us care deeply about our work and our
partners in that work. This gutsy, authentic approach makes us a great fit for eCommerce retailers throughout the country.
Gauge has grown steadily since 2007, and we’re launching into a new phase of growth. We take the long-term view, both
in-house and with our clients, so we need someone organized, proactive, and adventurous. If you daydream about what it
could look like to build a web company that team members and clients want to partner with for decades, we would love to
talk with you. We hope you are ready to be a major part of building the culture and creative process here at Gauge.
We are based in a modern office in sunny Savannah, GA, but we have remote team members up and down the East Coast.
This position is open to both on-site and remote candidates.
Our Team
Gauge is a special place, thanks to the dedicated, ambitious, down-to-earth, and geeky people who make up our team. All
of us truly invest in the clients and team members we work with. Whether we’re in the office launching a new site or
heading to Forsyth park to play some soccer, each day holds some fun. We want people who share our passion for
creativity, business, and technology.
Our Clients
Our clients are people with dreams, families, and most of all, stories. Many have built their businesses from nothing. They
are the salt of the earth and they come from many different industries. We have the pleasure of helping them tell their
stories in a powerful, compelling way. If we do our job right, they’ll get to hire more people, help more of their customers,
and put their kids through college.
We don’t forget that there are people behind the email addresses we see everyday. They are motivated, interesting, and
trusting, and we have built friendships as we’ve done business over the years. These long-term relationships and creative
partnerships add up to make our job incredibly rewarding.
Your Position
As our Admin Coordinator, you’ll be the chief plate-spinner and office string-puller, handling crucial tasks to keep our team
connected, equipped, and effective. We need a behind-the-scenes superhero capable of juggling matters like renewing
business licenses, managing facilities and resources, planning team events, and keeping the Dr. Pepper stocked. (All
equally important.)
In this role you’ll work closely with our Operations team—the Finance Dept., People Dept., and Leadership—to keep the
Gauge machine running smoothly. Attention to detail, the ability to anticipate needs, and a passion for organization are
critical. If you get an equal kick out of seeing a beautifully maintained file structure and watching people enjoy the heck
out of a social event you planned, this role might be perfect for you.
You’ll also need to understand the value of both stability and flexibility in office administration. The Gauge approach to
process is “Enough structure and no more.” In this position, that means developing and following lightweight processes,
always seeking to improve and simplify without unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape. Think trellis, not skyscraper.
This will start as a part-time role, approx. 20 hours a week, on site at our Starland District office in Savannah. This position
offers a lot of room for learning and can grow into full time. We’ll work with you to determine the best schedule, but we’d
prefer someone who can work 5 days a week. Shift times are flexible. Our culture is friendly and accommodating for all
candidates, including parents, students, freelancers seeking additional income, and others.
Key Tasks & Responsibilities
Building & Resources
Coordinate office maintenance & vendors, from scheduling to payment
Maintain, organize, and improve our physical and digital document storage and file systems (Google Drive, knowledge
base, physical files etc.)
Keep the office organized, stocked, and well maintained, including food, office supplies, & cleaning products
Monitor and maintain our equipment, purchase new equipment, and plan for future purchases
Maintain whole-team software accounts and shared team resources like conference rooms, calendar administration, Team
Drives, etc.
Expenses & Finance
Coordinate with Finance Dept. and other team members for expenses and purchases like travel planning, subscription
renewals, team expense requests, etc.
Work with the Finance Dept. to deposit, record, and communicate about client payments; assist with bookkeeping tasks as
Team Culture & Growth
Work with team members and Leadership to coordinate team events like Quarterly Meetings, social events, learning
events, & volunteering
Assist the People Dept. with tasks like interview scheduling, candidate communication, on- and offboarding, etc.
Office Management
Receive and distribute mail, answer phones, and show hospitality to office visitors
Answer the phone and manage the phone system, including recordings, voicemail, etc.
Oversee the annual admin calendar; work with the Finance Dept. to organize and execute business obligations like tax
payments, business licenses, etc.
Work with Leadership & Finance to plan & execute general business projects & expenses
All Gauge team members need:
A deep level of care about the quality of your work and how it reflects on your character
Strong self-management practices
A natural tendency to be proactive and take the lead in solving problems as you find them
A hunger for personal and professional growth
Strong communication skills (both written and verbal), tact, professional vulnerability, and other leadership skills needed to
coordinate and facilitate healthy, disciplined teamwork
Humor and professional self-confidence
An Admin Coordinator needs:
Experience with office management
Meticulous organization and attention to detail
Stellar communication skills, including verbal & written communication
Proficiency with Mac OS X
Solid familiarity with Google Suite tools (Sheets, Documents, etc.) or similar software
The ability to ask for priorities and accomplish tasks on time
Excellent research & documentation skills
The confidence to say “I don’t know,” to ask pertinent questions, and follow up as needed
Physical Requirements
(Provided in compliance with ADA. Applicants must be able to meet the following, with or without reasonable
Must be able to remain in a stationary position at least 50% of the time
Must be able to operate a computer and other office machinery
Must be able to coordinate, lead, and communicate accurately and clearly via email, video conference, and phone calls
Must be able to work on site at the Gauge office in Savannah
Growth: This is a part-time position with a strong potential for growing into a full-time position.
Schedule Flexibility: We’ll work with you to determine the best schedule
Paid Holidays: Gauge offers 9 predetermined paid holidays for all employees
Professional Development: A company-wide focus on professional development, including paid certifications and learning
initiatives, on-the-clock learning time, company book clubs, and more
Tons of other perks, like open, transparent leadership, no-bull no-politics culture, team social times, awesome equipment,
and more


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