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Research Assistant

Research Assistant Company Description Founded in 2005, Gryphon Scientific is a

2019-07-11 2020
Gryphon Scientific
Position: Research Assistant Salary: $40,000-44,000 per year Type: Full Time Location: Takoma Park, MD
Company Description
Founded in 2005, Gryphon Scientific is a small business with a unique focus on physical and life sciences, public health,
and program management and evaluation. As a consulting company, we primarily rely on literature-based research,
interview data collection and our staff’s rich past experience in the laboratory, in policy shops and from the field to tackle
projects with complex technical challenges. Our projects drive policy changes in security, preparedness, and science policy
at the highest levels of US government. Abroad, we advise governments in the developing world on how to cope with
daunting public health challenges. Our aim is to improve the health and safety of populations world-wide. The energy of
our small business environment as well as our commitment to technical excellence attracts staff with the highest
qualifications, our commitment to work-life balance and employee growth has afforded us excellent employee retention.
We are currently growing and looking for new staff members to join the Gryphon team.
Job Description
Gryphon Scientific is actively hiring recent graduates with degrees in biology, microbiology, biochemistry, statistics, or
related fields for Research Assistant positions. Gryphon Scientific offers Research Assistants the opportunity to use critical
thinking, creative problem solving and analysis to tackle challenging projects. An environment of mentorship fosters close
collaboration between junior and senior staff, encouraging personal and professional development. Gryphon boasts a laid-
back work environment, a comprehensive employee benefit package and an emphasis on work-life balance.
What Will I Do as a Research Assistant?
Gryphon Research Assistants (RAs) are challenged in a wide range of exciting fields. As a Gryphon RA, you will participate
in projects focused on public safety, homeland security and emerging infectious disease. Most projects require analysis of
publications in professional journals with the goal of extracting and summarizing relevant information. For example, in a
project for the NIH, Gryphon RAs process data on potential therapies for major threats to public health. Other projects will
see you applying and expanding your knowledge of genetics and microbiology in analyses of disease. You will also use your
quantitative and analytical skills in developing parameters for mathematical models of infectious disease spread and
consequences. Each project will challenge you to think, research and write in new ways. You will not, however, be involved
in laboratory work; there is no lab on the premises.
Requirements Qualifications
U.S. citizenship
Be able to work independently
Have excellent writing skills
Have a GPA greater than 3.0 (out of 4.0) in your major
Have an undergraduate degree in a life science discipline (Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Immunology, Biomedical
Sciences, or a related field)
Be willing to re-locate to the greater Washington DC area
Have an interest in biosecurity, science policy, or health policy (but not necessarily experience)
Experience in one or more programming languages (C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, SQL) a plus
Additional Information
Qualified applicants are asked to submit a cover letter and resume. Additionally, please provide your citizenship status,
current GPA, and security clearance (if applicable).
Benefits Why Consider Gryphon Scientific?
Gryphon Research Assistants who choose to pursue post-graduate education have been very successful. Gryphon alumni
have gone on to receive full scholarships at prestigious medical schools (including Vanderbilt and University of Chicago
Pritzker), and enroll in competitive PhD programs (UC Berkley) and MPH programs (Johns Hopkins).
Research Assistants have the opportunity for significant advancement at Gryphon Scientific. With no advanced degree
requirements for senior positions, a job with Gryphon can be the start to a rewarding career in scientific consulting.
You will learn how to read scientific articles and apply the information you’ve learned, an essential skill in post-graduate
Gryphon boasts a friendly, laid-back work environment. The dress code is very casual, allowing you to wear to work the
same clothes you would wear to class. Gryphon employees often take afternoon walks to the local ice cream or coffee
Mentorship is taken seriously at Gryphon. There is an open door policy for all staff, meaning you can ask for advice from
any staff member, from the owner of the company to your manager to your fellow junior staff.
Work-life balance is a priority. Research Assistants are rarely asked to take work home with them.


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