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Laboratory Assistant - Media Preparation

Laboratory Assistant - Media Preparation General Purpose: Prepare broths, agars

2019-06-14 2020
Dairy Farmers of America, Inc
Position: Microbiologist Salary: Unspecified Type: Full Time Location: Springfield, MO
General Purpose: Prepare broths, agars and reagents for microbiology; perform QC checks, data entry and cleaning tasks.

Duties and Responsibilities:


Prepare media and reagents following SOP and or product label instructions. Label fresh media and store at the correct
temperature. Inspect media to ensure that it is visually acceptable for use (i.e.-agar is dissolved, debris or particles are not
present, liquid media is not turbid, etc.)
Enter all QC information into LIMS and review for accuracy.
Perform media pH analysis and record.
Ensure that positive and negative controls samples are provided to microbiology for all media.
Complete all necessary QC records when Masterclave and AES dispensing equipment is used.
Remove expired media from shelves and properly dispose of the containers.
Deactivate media no longer available for use (not expired).
Take a daily inventory of all media to be made utilizing minimum quantity guidelines.
Take a weekly inventory of all media supplies and ensure that the purchasing coordinator is provided an order list.
Autoclave media at required parameters.
Fill in Autoclave Record Logbook.
Prepare Dilution Water(s) as needed
Monitor that all dilution water has been recorded-purchased and non-purchased.
Perform volume checks on the Omnispense and record on appropriate form.
Clean media room counters and sanitize.
Calibrate pH meter every day used.
Perform pH meter calibration and record result into calibration logbook.
Scan out inventory as supplies are used.
Store all media at the correct temperatures and ensure all labeling is complete and correct.
Level scale prior to use.
Clean the scales thoroughly and sanitize.
Perform daily weight check on media scale and record.
Clean the microwaves as needed
Monitor and document the DI water system daily and ensure that both lights are functioning.Notify management when
lights are not on.

Clean and sanitize shelves where media is stored.
Clean and sanitize shelves on walls.
Check all media for certification/date received/date opened information.
Ensure all media has received Media Certification prior to use.
Properly label all containers once certified.
Wipe out drawers.
Autoclave dispenser tubing.
Complete Form 5019-4 Media Room Checklist


Required Minimum Qualifications:

Education and Experience

Minimum of a High School diploma. Prefer current science major college student.
Necessary Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Ability to multi-talk
Excellent communication skills
Knowledge of molarity, normality, percent solutions and basic chemical math equations.
Knowledge of aseptic technique.
Ability to work as a part of a work team, get along with co-workers and contribute in a positive manner.
Titles Reporting to this Position:

Licensing and Certification:

Physical Demands and Work Environment:

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to stand for long periods of time and lift 5-10
pounds, on occasion up to 25 pounds.

PATHOGEIC MATERIAL - The term “pathogenic” simply means that there is the potential for live disease-causing organisms
to be present. The pathogens isolated in this facility are spread through food ingestion. Personnel will not have food or
drink in any laboratory area. Regular hand washing is required as a preventative measure. Any spills of non-
decontaminated garbage or jugs should be reported immediately to a Director. If the Laboratory Director is not accessible,
consult the Micro. Lab Lead or Quality Systems Analyst (QSA) for containment and clean-up procedures.
Hazard - All garbage in biohazard trash bags is considered pathogenic until it is autoclaved.
Preventative Measure- Do not handle biohazard trash. Disposable gloves must be worn when handling non-autoclaved
biohazard trash. Any spills of garbage should be reported immediately to the QSA or Laboratory Director. Alternatively, a
Microbiologist may contain and clean-up spills.
Hazard - Improper handling of live positive control organisms resulting in illness or contamination of the worker or work
Preventative Measure - Aseptic technique must be employed. Disposable gloves will be worn when handling positive
controls. Hands will be washed after each exposure and 10% bleach or 70% ethanol solutions will be used to clean work
Hazard - Steam burns to arms from exhausting autoclaves
Preventative Measure - All personnel will wear protective gloves that come to at least the elbow on both arms.
Hazard - Steam burns to face from exhausting autoclaves
Preventative Measure - The autoclave door will be opened slowly and approximately only 1-2” to allow slow steam escape.
Hazard - Freshly autoclaved media or trash can release hot liquid and steam from without warning.
Preventative Measure- The autoclave door will be opened slowly and approximately only 1-2” to allow slow steam escape
and all personnel will wear protective gloves that come to at least the elbow on both arms, face shield, and apron. Allow
items to cool for a minimum of 10 minutes on autoclave rack. Wear all PPE when handling freshly autoclaved media, pre-
enrichment containers, or trash. Ensure that all containers of media with caps and any enrichment jug containers with lids
have lids that are loose and secured before placing into the autoclave. Do not disturb containers that have become
deformed in the autoclave, due to pressure build up until they are completely cool.
Hazard - Many glassware items that are washed and handled by the laboratory employee may cut the worker.
Preventative Measure - Any broken or cracked glass identified by the laboratory worker should be placed into the “broken
glass” boxes located in the pathogen and chemistry labs. Protective gloves will be worn when washing glassware.
Hazard - Worker may injure their back while lifting.
Preventative Measure - While taking out garbage, lifting biohazard garbage in and out of containers and autoclaves, lifting
jugs or boxes; the worker should be careful to lift from the legs and wear a back brace if necessary. If the item is too heavy,
use of a dolly, pallet, or second person should be considered.
information as well as MSDS information can be found.
Hazard - Addition of Acids and Bases can cause skin burns and eye irritation.
Preventative Measure - Wear disposable gloves when handling acids or bases and eye protection as necessary.
Hazard - Opening of the dishwasher rapidly after a cycle has just been completed may result in steam burns.
Preventative Measure- Open the dishwasher slowly and wait for the steam to escape.
Hazard - The floors of the autoclave and jug-wash rooms are often wet due to jug wash activities and water leaks from the
autoclaves. When these floors become wet, the tile becomes very slippery and is a potential slip hazard to personnel. The
area surrounding the dishwasher in the chemistry lab can also become very wet at times. The worker should be careful in
this area especially when carrying tubs of glassware and other items.
Preventative Measure- The worker should be careful in all areas and look for any water on the floors. Mopped areas will be
marked with a wet floor sign. The worker should be careful in this area especially when carrying tubs of glassware and
other items.
Hazard- Cleaners and detergents can be hazardous to the skin and eyes.
Preventative Measure- Employees are expected to use various cleaners including concentrated detergents, Machine
Washing Detergent, bleach and Lysol concentrate. The worker should avoid contact with skin, eyes and mucous
membranes, as the compounds can be irritating to the above-mentioned areas. Follow label instructions.
Hazard-Liquid or solid media that is heated in the microwaves may explode and/or boil over if left unattended.
Preventative Measure-Any partially melted solid media should be gently swirled when mixing and the caps of bottles must
be loosened when heating. Wear appropriate PPE when melting media including heat resistant gloves, apron, and face
shield. Do not carry melted media up or down the stairs.
Hazard- Bottles of media removed from the autoclave and placed into the water bath may explode if the cap is not
Preventative Measure- All media heated in bottles must have the cap loosened before placing the bottle in the waterbath.
Hazard- Powdered media and dehydrated samples may become airborne and breathed in by employees.
Preventative Measure- Masks are available to all employees and should be worn when necessary to prevent inhalation of
Hazard – Use of these tools to open sample boxes and cooler and various other supplies throughout the work day can
cause cuts to arm and fingers.
Preventative Measure – Employees are expected to complete knife safety training before operating a box knife. The work
should observe proper technique when operating sharp objects.


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