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Police Dispatcher

Police Dispatcher JOB SUMMARY: Responsible for the prompt, courteous, profession

City of Ballwin
Position: Police Dispatcher Salary: $41,581 per year Type: Full Time Location: Ballwin, MO
Responsible for the prompt, courteous, professional and efficient exchange of information between the citizen, the police
officer and other police agencies.
Monitors and maintains constant control of all frequencies installed in both of the radio consoles.
Answers the 911 telephone system, transfers calls as necessary to other police/fire departments for their assessment.
Directs complaints made by the public to the watch supervisor, or directs the appropriate agency to correct the problem.
Makes notifications of Patrol Officers of a non-emergency nature when involving public hazards or inconveniences such
water main breaks, gas leaks, electric lines down, and traffic signal malfunctions.
Makes appropriate notifications to the Humane Society or Animal Protective Agency concerning stray or injured animals.
Screens and forwards phone calls for Patrol Officers, as well as, Administrative Staff, both of a business and personal
Assists with station tours conducted by the Public Relations Officer by explaining and demonstrating the functions of the
Communications Division.
Responsible for monitoring via audio/visual means the security of the building, the physical welfare of prisoners held in our
booking and jail facility.
Responsible for computer inquiries and the dissemination of criminal history information and the thirteen month retention
of records and audit of trail of same as required by the Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System and NCIC.
Responsible for the maintenance of non-traffic offense computer entries of arrest, wanted/warrants, missing
persons/runaway juveniles, as well as, the entries and maintenance of all NCIC entries of stolen property such as stolen
vehicles, guns, and articles. Duties include validating all records entered into the Mules and NCIC System 90 days after
entry and annually thereafter until canceled by apprehension or recovery. Judicial dispositions are entered by Dispatchers
on arrest entries as received by the courts system.
Maintains the department criminal number card file.
Maintains logs of arrest and field interview report entries, wanted/warrant and missing persons/runaway juvenile entries,
DCN Log, and CAD Log for reports.
Maintains logs for 10 Minute Rule reference warrant verification; both inquiries and responses.
Develops and maintains required skills and certifications associated with the art of computer entry and inquiry expertise
for Mules and REJIS.
Recertification occurs every two years for each system.
Non-emergency notifications.
EMOTIONAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL STABILITY: The Communications position requires the employee to have the emotional and
psychological stability required to:
Work effectively for periods of long duration in a smoke-free environment.
Maintain self-control when receiving, dispatching and handling serious calls for service.
Continue performing all required tasks at a professional level when faced with unpleasant circumstances.
Deal effectively with the morbid, macabre, the repugnant, the abnormal, the morose, the psychotic, the neurotic and
otherwise unpleasant or unusual facets of results of human behavior.
KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES REQUIRED: Must successfully complete required training in the use of two-way radio
equipment and computer entry, cancellation and information seeking functions.
Ability to function independently and as a team.
Good organizational skills.
Excellent oral and written communication skills.
The ability to function as a cooperative team member.
Accurate typing of 40 WPM.
The ability to deal with the public in an effective and courteous manner.
Through training, possess exceptional knowledge of department rules, regulations, policies and procedures.
Possess basic knowledge of two-way radio operations and computer programs.
Ability to pass required training in the use of the Computer Aided Dispatch, REJIS, and MULES Systems.
Two-way, multi-channel radios,
Multi-button telephone,
Computers, printers.
Closed circuit television cameras and monitors
Paper shredder
40 Channel Tape Recorder
EDUCATION, QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Must be 18 year of age and have a GED or high school
*Contact is directly with the founders and managers for hire. No other parties are allowed
We do not collect, store, or transmit personal information about our customers

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