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3 types of people who have problems with finding a job

You have both education, and desire, and experience, but you are chronically unlucky with a finding job. Psychologists point out that the three types of candidates are the hardest. What are these types? The good job is not easy to find now. Some applicants spend months or even years monitoring job vacancies, sending out resumes and visiting interviews. Finance stocks are melting, self-esteem is declining, but there is still no job. Who is in this at-risk group?

1. People who change jobs frequently
Errors in hiring workers are costly, so HR experts fear candidates who do not stay long in one company. They seem to be unreliable. At the same time, in the modern world, people change jobs more often than 20-30 years ago. In the coming years, this trend will intensify. The new generation of applicants loves diversity in everything, including in work. 91% of respondents are not going to work in one place for more than 3 years. Employers should also pay attention to the advantages of candidates who often change jobs, namely, flexibility and diversity of their knowledge and skills. Applicants, in turn, may focus on their strengths, if they do not just list, but also describe in detail their achievements and skills in the CV. Illustrate the benefits you have brought to your previous jobs with facts and figures. You can write: "Over the N months of work in company A, I attracted X large clients, which led to an increase in annual income by Y%." Your future boss will not object to attracting new large clients and increasing revenue in your company.

2. Long-term unemployed
Among the total number of unemployed, a significant percentage are those who cannot be employed for over a year. They do not seem to be very successful candidates, firstly, because previous employers did not take them, and secondly because they could lose some of their working skills and ability to work in a team. Recruitment specialists recommend those who can't find work for more than 6 months, pay attention to something useful. They can become good freelancers or volunteer. In addition, it is worth thinking about changing your job search strategy to a more aggressive. Don't wait for recruiters to find your resume. Call to the HR managers of the companies you are interested, do networking, including in social networks. So your chances will increase.

3. Workers with high qualifications
The potential employer wonders why such a candidate agrees to a modest salary and an ordinary position. A thought occurs to him: he will leave us as soon as he finds a better company, or asks for an increase in salary for his services. If you are an experienced worker, explain why you want to work on this employer. Tell how your values relate to the company's mission and what prospects you see for yourself in this company. Maybe you are tired of a managerial position, a job with a high level of responsibility or a 24/7 work schedule and dream of a better balance of work and personal life.

Whatever type of job seekers you are, do not send the same resume to different companies, but try to edit the information depending on the vacancy.

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