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Work in a credit organization without work experience

You graduated from high school or are soon to finish, so it's time to think about your first job. It will be a question of work in the credit organizations for applicants without experience. Perhaps you or your moms, dads, aunts, friends, acquaintances working in key positions in a large bank, and the issue of your employment and even the approximate wage has long been successfully settled. Most of us start a job search on the Internet, and further in the article are the most frequently encountered job vacancies for which the employer is ready to take you without work experience. Among people distant from the banking sector, there is a perception that bank employees (sometimes they are called even “bankers”) receive fabulous salaries, and also that you will not get into the bank just like that. In fact, getting a job in a credit institution is not so difficult, but an ordinary employee of a credit institution, receives an average salary for the region, and sometimes lower.

Account Manager

The salary of an employee who works with clients, as a rule, consists of a salary and a bonus for work results. Moreover, the size of the salary may differ significantly in the lower side compared with the promised premium. This will honestly tell you at the interview. Banks are many, and everyone is fighting for the client. Your duties, in addition to the correct and consistent with all regulatory documents of the operations and paperwork, will include responsibilities for the so-called implementation of an individual plan. Plans are made for each department to attract potential investors, borrowers and other clients who are ready to use various bank services. Plans are measured in the number of clients and the volume of services provided. Then the head of the department distributes the plan to the employees in the proportions from the plan that they see fit. Where and how you will look for new customers is up to you. And here you begin to look for and discover in yourself the gift of persuasion and oratory, offering bank services to everyone who came into the office, as well as along the way to friends, acquaintances, neighbors. This is the most active life position, the obligatory presence of which is indicated in the CV.

You may even be taught this active position in life by conducting various trainings and seminars, but if you are not a sociable person and if you are not ready to continue persuasion and slogans that our bank is the best at the first refusal, it will be difficulties for you. At the end of the reporting period you will report to your immediate superior on the implementation of the plan assigned to you and the reasons for its failure. Outcomes of non-compliance with the plan: the reduction or deprivation of the premium, the expression of discontent of the managers. The degree of expression of dissatisfaction of the bosses depends on the responsibility. If you are a sociable person, you have the gift of persuasion, it is easy for you to start and politely maintain a conversation with anyone. If you have a stable mind, and you are able to calmly accept criticism, working as a client manager will not be a problem for you and will even allow you to receive an average salary for your region.

Back Office

If you are not yet ready to work actively with people or just a person is not very sociable, there is another way of working in a credit organization, which you often get without work experience. If generalized, the back office job is to process and enter data collected by employees who work directly with customers. For example, a certain customer service manager or loan officer gave a loan to a client. When registering this operation, a large number of documents must be obtained from the borrower. All collected documents are sent to the back office, whose responsibilities include checking these documents, add them to the database and file them in the correct order. The responsibilities of each back-office employee, as a rule, include performing a very small set of actions. Your responsibilities may include, for example, entering customer data in the database or drawing up and sending requests to customers on a single template according to a list provided by the head office. Perhaps, you will stupidly file documents into a folder in the necessary sequence and make an inventory of the documents attached.

In the back office, as a rule, pay only salary without bonuses, and you should not count on a large salary. Like any commercial enterprise, credit organizations are trying to save on expenses, including on labor costs. In order to save, according to the formulas known only by the elect, the optimal productivity of each back-office employee and the number of documents that everyone must process during the working day is calculated. Based on this, the staffing table is formed, and, of course, the number of employees is minimized. Most likely, you will work very intensively. The flow of incoming documents and information is continuous, and all this must be processed before the end of the working day. If you are a diligent person, you are not afraid of doing the same monotonous work day after day, month after month, this work is for you. To be fair, it should be noted that the back office is engaged not only in a mindless set of documents for speed, but also in normal qualified work: accounting support of transactions of the bank and its clients, reporting, and many other things.

Call Center Operator

There is an opportunity to get a job even without an economic education. The work has little to do with banking, and here sociability, well-organized speech, goodwill, the presence of the gift of persuasion and an active life position are more appreciated. The duties of the Call-center employee include answering any incoming calls to the hotline phone. The main thing is to respond politely and correctly, according to the instructions. The most frequently asked questions are answered according to the prepared templates. Perhaps the template answers will make you learn by heart. The duties of the call center employees also include cold sales. Another nuance is a work shift, including at night.

These are the most common vacancies for newbies. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that when applying for a job you will need to study quite a few regulatory documents related to your work, and not only examine but also pass the test, usually one month after being hired. How this test takes place depends on the particular credit institution: from tests with multiple-choice questions to an oral answer to questions before a commission. There are undoubtedly many advantages in working at a credit institution. Even if at first the salary will not meet your expectations, here it is always paid on time and in full. You will get a job in a warm and well-equipped office, which is also important. A newcomer who has come to a not very interesting position always has the opportunity to prove himself, as well as to make useful contacts, which later will help to get a more qualified job.

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