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5 reasons what is the meaning of work

Sigmund Freud argued that the main life goals of a person are to love and work. The meaning of work is reduced not only to making money. Let's try to understand what else it gives us. Let's start, though in the beginning there will still be income. No matter how ironic this factor, but 77% of workers admit that they are best motivated by good wage. But the significance of the money earned for us is by no means decisive.

Labor income has for us a different value than money that we got in some other way. Our modern culture distinguishes "profane" and "sacred" money depending on their origin. For example, an unexpected win in a lottery, inheritance or bonus is considered as money, which is usually spent not on everyday needs, but on the purchase of special items or unusual experiences. Profane money earned by us may turn to be traps for us. One of the most typical traps is triggered when we consider that our earnings are a measure of success. People often identify with what they do. This principle is laid in childhood. We know that the assessment of my affairs is the assessment of my personality.

1. We strive to leave our heritage in the world.
There are two types of work. One of them is necessary for the maintenance of life, but in the process of such work, we do not produce what remains for a long time. This type includes cooking, washing, cleaning and our other daily chores that have nothing special. The second type of work that humanity has always valued more is the production and maintenance of the objects that surround us. We do not live in the wild nature but surrounded by objects created by our hands. The accumulation of these objects creates our world and gives it consistency. That creation process makes each of us a person and gives the meaning of work every day. The creating person is not only the one who makes various products with his own hands but also those who speak and tap on the keyboard with their fingers. This is how financiers, insurers, programmers, consultants work. All of them generate, process and redirect information flows capable of creating not only things but also entire industries.

It takes a lot of knowledge, effort, creativity, and will to achieve results; the fruits of such labor are not ephemeral, they remain in the world and give it stability. Such a person can not feel what he produces, so sometimes it is difficult for him to rejoice at his work. Perhaps that is why many professionals feel the craving for manual labor, they dream of baking bread, painting or having their own farm.

2. We strive for personal growth.
Now the self-realization is becoming increasingly important. This word came into use not so long ago, and different people put different meanings in it. Is it connected with an interesting, beloved work? High professionalism? With creativity? Maybe it depends on whether the person embodied his dream? We feel realized when we reveal our inner potential when our abilities, knowledge, and skills are involved in the work. This feeling is a pleasure of what you do. Sometimes from the result, sometimes from the process, or from both.

What motivates us most in work?
77% - Salary
38% - Possibility of career growth
37% - Large-scale and interesting tasks
36% - Comfortable atmosphere in the company
19% - Professionalism of colleagues
16% - Learning opportunities

Self-realization implies the ability to work, make efforts, invest in your work. The employee needs inner fullness - then he has something to invest. Those who have this internal resource are able to work a lot and hard. They get satisfaction, pleasure, and joy. This resource does not dry out but only replenishes. Learning new things, getting to know yourself better, expanding your capabilities, realizing your skills and at the same time feeling that there is still room to grow - in general, it means living a full life.

3. We need recognition.
Imagine that at work we are endlessly criticized and you don't hear the words of approval. If our work, our efforts, sometimes very serious, are not appreciated. On the other hand, a few approving words at the tensest moment of work, when the forces are already running out, can magically inspire us and charge us with new energy. In the most general sense, recognition satisfies our deep, familiar desire to feel our own importance for others. It confirms that we are full members of the group, a part of the whole, moreover, self-esteem is impossible without public recognition. If you do not value yourself, then praise can become a drug, and we will need more and more new doses.

We are not always able to rely on our own assessment. In theory, we should not be concerned about how wonderful, creative, skillful or clever we are. In this case, we rely on our own assessment and feel joy not from praise, but from the fruits of our labor. Beauty, utility, originality or exact compliance with standards. We can always rely on achievement to move on.

4. We like to be helpful.
We spend time with our colleagues no less than with family and friends. It is not surprising that we consider a good team a gift of fate. We can share joys and problems, get the necessary support and help. The feedback we get from them is important. The work is also good because it allows us to feel belonging to something more than profession, team, solving problems of national importance or research that will change the future. Some of us work more effectively if he has someone to compete with. In a sense, these people take energy from an opponent. There is no rival - and work is not interesting. After all, it is more difficult to compete with time than with a strong competitor.

In teamwork, a synergy effect occurs when the whole is greater than the sum of the component parts. Brainstorming, when we exchange ideas and together come up with something new, common victories or defeats, which we experience together, are all strong collective emotions that are worth a lot.

5. We need a sense of permanence.
Finally, it's just important for us to go to work. At least those of us who have difficulties with self-discipline. It’s time to get up, put yourself in order, make your way to the place of work, communicate with colleagues at lunch, all this strongly supports people, because it gives a feeling of permanence. The need to go to work gets the clockwork of our lives. When you work at home, a lot of energy is spent on self-organization. Perhaps someone thought that remote work in the near future would deprive us of these advantages. No matter how the Internet develops, face-to-face communication, including with colleagues is irreplaceable.

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