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4 types of behavior of office workers

The man who called modern megacities as the stone jungle was absolutely right. In the behavior of each individual, it is possible to distinguish features characteristic of a particular animal. By the will of fate, we all have to adapt to the environment, but we do it in different ways. If we consider office space as part of such a jungle, then all employees can be classified according to models belonging to a certain type of animal kingdom. Such an exercise only seems like amusing entertainment: in fact, the associative connection of the properties of a person’s character with one or another representative of the fauna is quite explicable. From the actions of colleagues, in passing by them, dropped phrases in the head of the observant newcomer develop a complete picture of the relationships adopted in the organization. This can be useful in determining your own position in the food chain and help to avoid mistakes after coming to a new job.

1. Lions.
It is easy to identify them - everyone bows before them out of fear or respect. Such epithets as noble, solid or fair are very suitable for them. Usually, lions occupy leadership positions and become favorite chiefs for their subordinates. For this, they should thank their character: they are equally respectful to all their subordinates. They resolve conflicts before they start. They resort to drastic actions only as a last resort. Sometimes their correctness can come to a pedantic maintaining a distance, but it is softened by manifestations of a sense of humor. Such people are calm to minor mistakes and misdeeds, but they do not tolerate blatant incompetence. You can joke with them, you just need to know when and how.

2. Snakes.
There are no teams without them, sometimes there is even a feeling that a special position is provided for them. Just retelling entertaining gossip, real vipers will definitely add their particularly valuable and peremptory opinion to the rumors or news reported. They smartly possess the reception of praise with jokes. Such persons may be in any department, but they are most likely to be found in the accounting department and customer service department. Mimicking snakes to normal people is also a good idea - a poisonous character can hide under a quiet comely or handsome appearance. From time to time they gather in a tight tangle, frankly slander about all the others. Snakes love to speak maliciously and slander. It is their natural property to inject poison in the address of other people and to try to somehow rise at the expense of humiliation of the others because apart from this sophisticated weapon they have nothing.

3. Ants.
They should constitute a large part of the team in order to turn their hard work and perseverance to the good of the common cause. They conscientiously plod over the assigned tasks, clearly carry out their duties and do not refuse to teach a new specialist to replace them. They get their rightful piece of money pie and are going home with satisfaction with a sense of accomplishment. They appreciate the professionalism, the desire to thoroughly delve into working issues and mutual assistance in difficult times. There are people who have a minimum efficiency, but perfectly imitating vigorous activity. When confronting such a person, ants only tighten their jaws more tightly.

4. Mice.
Interesting creatures whose life passes in perpetual fear. These include subordinates, they are afraid of losing their jobs, and the bosses, who are shaking for their place. They can be recognized even externally, just look at how they communicate with the lions. They always feel guilty and press their heads into their shoulders to occupy as little space as possible. They do not protect their subordinates or colleagues and can't resist open aggression. A company in which there are many mice will soon sink to the bottom, as these creatures are afraid of even minimal doses of risk and prefer stagnation to evolution. Any changes are instinctively perceived by them as a threat to the current situation and are immediately discarded. But if rationalization instructions come from a higher authority office, then the mouse will fulfill everything.

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