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What responsibilities are assigned to the sales representative

The seller-consultant is very popular for development, the beginning of the activity of young people in the commercial sphere, a profession. Let's take a closer look at what responsibilities are assigned to the sales assistant. The sales assistant monitors the correctness of the layout of products for the buyer, the presence of price tags in the windows and advises buyers on the characteristics of the product and other issues. In order to receive bonuses, he needs to not only advise the buyer on a particular issue but also directly bring the process of selling goods to its completion. The sales representative can work as cashiers and negotiate with the senior manager at the initial stage of employment. If servicing the cashier’s office is not part of your obligations under the employment contract, as this is a big responsibility. It is advisable to work in a close circle of associate sales assistants and perform their immediate duties. It also happens that the sales assistant is obliged to do the work in the fitting room if he works in the direction of selling clothes.

The sales assistant needs to know as much information as possible about the product he sells. In clothing, this is mainly the size range, the composition and rules of care can be read on the price tag. In the dressing room, sales representative usually help the customer to choose the right size. After fitting he fold clothes in their positions in the hall, as well as correct casually hanging clothes on mannequins.

Seller-consultant is issued an individual work number, which is assigned to him. And if he managed to sell the goods to the buyer, then at the checkout, according to the rules, this is noted. Thus, there is an account, the results of which affect the accrual of premiums from sales. If you are a cosmetics sales assistant, it is worth exploring the properties of a product with all the nuances before advertising it.

Sales representative informs about discounts, promotions and gift certificates. The position of sales assistant obliges to look neat. If you need to change clothes, it is better to do this before starting work. It is important to encourage all of your friendly and tidy look to create a pleasant atmosphere for customers. It is highly desirable to smile and politely answer the questions asked. Basically you have to stand all day or walk around the hall.

It should be borne in mind, the behavior should be such that not strongly imposed on the buyer, to start communication you need to ask if he needs your help. In addition, it is important to be visible so that you can be contacted at any time. If the stock is not the right size or you are asked to get some product that has ended, you should be polite even with such a customer. In any case, in the team there is a senior seller and you can find out all the required information from him.

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