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8 reasons that reduce your energy and productivity

Periodically, each person is confronted with the feeling that battery is running out too fast during the day. In other words, one can feel the breakdown, apathy, depression, irritability, laziness, etc. With the arrival of autumn, such moments are felt even more acutely. Consider the reasons that eat up our energy and do not depend on the time of year. They affect our personal effectiveness, productivity, and even worse, they are our bad habits. To recall these reasons, and then think about how to deal with them.

1. Late to wake up.
When a person works in an institution, he comes to work on time. This is a labor discipline that cannot be broken. And if it works on itself, for example, at home, then theoretically it can afford a later climb. Such a regime, sooner or later, will knock out any person. Early rise and work in the very first morning hours is the golden time for work, it is considered the most productive. So choose what is more important laziness or earnings.

2. Doing work at the last moment.
Suppose you need to make some kind of report - for a month, quarterly or semi-annual. Remember, surely there is some kind of periodic or reporting work in the spectrum of your duties. But it so happens that the person knows the terms, but does the work at the last moment. The panic brings to stress. The panic brings to stress as well as other routine tasks distract, annoy and prevent concentration. It may be necessary to collect information from other structures, departments, but they also do not serve in time, and this brings the person to emotional exhaustion.

3. Social networks, entertainment networks, games.
Sometimes it takes not 5-10 minutes as planned but a whole hour. Try to minimize visits to social networks during business hours, limiting yourself to a break, or strictly control the time of your stay. Question on filling: what does this pastime give useful? Is it worth it to spend so much time on it?

4. Preference learning entertainment.
Sometimes you really want to get distracted and watch a movie or a series, read a fashion magazine, watch TV, play games. Sometimes! But not all the time. The human brain needs some nourishment. Give him vitamins, food, new and useful information. Alternate the yellow press with scientific, serials with motivating videos, your favorite detective stories with fiction.

5. Bad habits.
Everyone knows about the dangers of alcohol, smoking and overeating, but it stops very few people. In the meantime, such habits take our energy. It’s hardly possible to change everything radically right away, but you can try to minimize them.

6. Sedentary lifestyle.
Some people find it impossible to do physical activities after a day of work, let alone go to the gym and swimming pool. Indeed, it can be stressful for the body. Therefore, we must start slow, gradually increasing the load. The pace of life of a modern person involves driving a car, it also provokes a sedentary lifestyle. But in this case, you can get out for a walk, when you arrived home, after dinner. In general, it is worth thinking and finding opportunities based on your individual schedule.

7. Environment.
There is such a category of people who constantly whine, weep for life, sow the negative intentionally or unintentionally, participate in gossip voluntarily or unwittingly. All this, firstly, does not bear any benefit, and secondly, it takes away from us a lot of energy and mental strength. If you are used to throwing your problems on colleagues and friends, then try not to do this, get rid of such habits. If you complain, try to avoid this category of people.

8. Everyone is to blame except you.
Many people are accustomed to blaming their own failures, blunders, problems of the state, parents, colleagues, circumstances, anyone, but not themselves. Try asking yourself what triggered the situation? What should you do to improve or change the situation? Finding the reasons for your own failures in the outside world removes the responsibility because it’s easier to live. Take responsibility for life in your hands, ask yourself, improve your professional qualities, get rid of negative emotions, develop and improve yourself. We looked at 8 root causes that have a devastating effect on our energy and efficiency. If you have 3 or more, then it's time to start working on yourself to become much happier and much more successful. In any case, now you know where to start to pump yourself.

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