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7 ways to use procrastination correctly

The postponement of tasks that can be accomplished without much difficulty and require immediate attention is an extremely unproductive model of behavior. This has a negative effect on productivity. Unfortunately, we all at one time or another suffer from this bad habit. We are slow because of unpleasant work, distractions, anxiety or self-doubt, but in any case, we need to deal with this problem. If you are fighting, but it seems to you that at the moment you are losing, learn to use procrastination to your advantage. Let's look at 7 ways to help you find the positives in procrastination.

1. Make the most of your productivity hours.
It is quite normal when, with periods, you feel that you have not enough energy. You can take a break, but only on condition that you make the most of your working hours when you are full of energy. Everyone knows that the most productive hours are the first few hours from the beginning of the working day. Try to perform the most difficult or waste tasks during this period.

2. Delegation, simplification and prioritization.
When you have a huge list of tasks that need to be completed in a day, it seems impossible to focus on any of them. Procrastinators have an advantage. They will, by all means, try to most effectively optimize their daily workload. They focus their attention only on those tasks that already have deadlines or that they simply like. The rest of the work they can delegate. In the end, this leads to increased productivity.

3. Move fast and destroy walls.
When we are slow, we are behind schedule, which increases anxiety and stress. However, nothing motivates you in the same way as the realization that you are catastrophically lagging behind the plan. It gives you a rush of adrenaline. Combined with stress, it can increase your energy and allow you to complete all tasks.

4. Reviews in social networks.
In social networks you can find a lot of inspiration. Find something that can motivate you. You can also learn more about your customers on social networks: what do they say about your brand. Ask what they like or dislike in your work. So you can find ways to improve your products or services so that they more closely match customer needs.

5. Upgrade your workspace.
Your environment has a huge impact on your mood and behavior. She can either nourish or inhibit procrastination. Take a look around, what you don't like about your workplace, how could you fix it? Such small adjustments as the correct lighting, temperature, increase in the number of living plants, can significantly increase your productivity.

6. Read something new.
Do you feel depressed? If yes, you need to find inspiration and motivation to bring back the fighting spirit. You can do this if you read something that you have never had before. You never know where the productivity charge will come from, so keep looking for it in the most unexpected places. Try reading a book in a new genre or something else that can inspire you. Take a magazine you have never read before.

7. Balance between work and personal life.
A little delay will not do any harm, but when it becomes a habit and becomes something regular, everything will be correct. Stop working and spending time with friends is fine. This will help you find a balance between personal and professional life. Treat yourself by going for a walk with your loved one, having an extra workout or engaging in self-development.

It may seem that procrastination is not so evil as people usually think. This can have serious negative consequences for your performance, but only if you lose control. The fact is that there are positive sides to this bad habit that you can use to your advantage.

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