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5 simple steps that hinder the growth of your career

No one likes begging for a career promotion. It is always more difficult to ask for something for yourself than for others. So, the good news is that you don’t have to do it if your boss belongs to the category of attentive managers, and your work has no flaws. The most effective way to show your superiors that you are ready for something more is a consistently good result. However, it should be added that, if you miss this favorable stage, you have to pretty try to get a new chance to increase. Ideally, you should constantly exceed expectations at your current workplace. This means that you perform any task as well and as skillfully as possible. If you are hardworking and responsible, here are 5 more ways to prove to management that you deserve more.

1. Regularly work overtime
Exceeded expectations are only the beginning: you should always look for ways to improve work efficiency through projects and assignments that lie outside of your responsibilities. Show initiative and willingness to do additional work, as well as share your success with others. It is these workers and moving up the career ladder.

2. Strive for development, not status
Your abilities and desire to learn will impress your boss much more than your ambitions and desire to improve your position or status. Your aspirations should be aimed at obtaining new skills and knowledge, and not to a more comfortable workplace. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy a new place or a recording - we are all people, but it should not be the main motivation. Refrain from talking about how easy it is for you. Instead, tell us what you are learning now.

3. Constantly develop as a professional
Your largest project is your career. Get used to this thought. When you have conquered the next stage of skill - give yourself time to relax, praise yourself. And then roll up your sleeves and keep doing the same - only better. There is one important point about constant self-development: most people try to do what they think they can do, and not what needs more work. Try to gain courage and look at yourself from the outside, evaluate yourself objectively, and start working on those things that primarily hinder your success. Not sure where to start? Ask your boss what work you could do better. This will help you to deal with all the problems that could hinder your career growth. Exercise in your ability to work in a team at any convenient opportunity.

4. Select long-term projects
Assignments that require more time to complete are usually more difficult. The higher you climb the career ladder, the more difficult your work will become. When performing complex tasks we will have to deal with the simultaneous execution of several tasks at once, each of which has its own ultimate goal and its own implementation strategy. You can easily learn how to conduct multitasking projects if you increase the level of complexity of your tasks each time. Just remember, you want to stretch, not break in half. Your professionalism in the implementation of increasingly complex projects will be the best demonstration of your willingness to reach a new level.

5. Learn to cooperate
Middle and senior positions often involve group work. The success of which depends on direct instruction, and ability to perform tasks without resorting to his official position to achieve results. Every successful team has at least one person, thanks to whom everything succeeds because this person has superpowers. The ability to listen, the ability to find a compromise and the ability to act as an intermediary. Become such a person. To do this, practice your ability to work in a team at any convenient opportunity. It really can impress your employer, so is your ability to be a team player, one that can increase efficiency through the support of your colleagues.

Your boss’s responsibilities are not at all to help you find your dream job, it all depends on you. But if the head of the quality control service sees advances in the worker, he will want to find ways to help this worker in promotion. Take these five steps and see what happens.

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