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9 mistakes you can make at work

Perhaps you have heard or even seen some people doing something unimaginable in the workplace. It is not necessary to throw a chair out the window or demonstratively leave the room at the
height of the presentation in order to cause irreparable damage to your career. Regardless of how talented you are and what successes you have already achieved, there are certain behavioral deviations that will forever change people's attitude towards you. We made a rating of 9 of the worst actions in the work team, that you should avoid.

1. Backstab.
Every time you make someone look in a bad light in front of a team, you hit him in the back, regardless of the purity of your intentions. As soon as the victim feels the blade between the shoulder blades, a conflict with an unpredictable result occurs.

2. Gossip and rumors.
People look just disgusting when they rummage in someone else's business with pleasure and burning eyes. Gossipers, savoring the details of other people's actions and failures, can greatly offend people if gossip reaches them, but worst of all, the gossip itself looks envious every time it opens its mouth.

3. Alien laurel wreath.
We all know this dull sense of impact when it turns out that someone stole your idea. Assigning the results of someone else's work - even the most insignificant creates the impression that you are not able to do anything yourself. Grab other people's laurels also clearly demonstrates to everyone that you are worthless, silly in working relationships and don't respect your colleagues.

4. Emotions and aggression.
In different companies, the practice of discussing each stage of the work done with the expression of comments and suggestions. There are many people who hurl things, squeal, bring others to tears and do other emotional outbursts. The manifestation of aggression demonstrates the absence of internal emotional self-control, moreover, it is a short road to dismissal. As soon as you show everyone how unstable you are, people will begin to wonder if they can rely on you. If you can't cope with yourself you are not dependable. An explosion of negative emotions aimed at anyone, regardless of whether deserved or not, draws a stream of negative attention to you. You will become the unsociable person, unstable and even repulsive. If you manage to cope with emotions in provocative situations, then your provocateurs will look bad, but not you.

5. An announcement about how much you hate your job.
The last thing people want to hear at work is how someone complains about how much he hates his job. This can lead to the fact that you will be charged with the label of a negative character, and the morale of the whole team will decrease. The leaders very quickly find the source of the negative mood in the team, and they are well aware that there are a couple of optimists just around the corner who are always ready to replace them.

6. Excessive bragging.
When someone achieves some success and then floods around with stories about how he did it, it is quite reasonable to assume that this, if not the first, then one of his few victories. When a person who succeeds modestly accepts congratulations and continues to work further, it seems that for him this victory is a usual thing, that instills fear in his rivals. When you are not bragging about your victories, people around you get the impression that winning is normal for you.

7. False.
Someone wants to protect himself or someone else — but lies have a tendency to grow and crawl away until everything is revealed, and as soon as everyone knows that you have lied, the way back not. An open lie, even a minor one, causes an irreparable blow to your self-esteem. If you want to always remain in harmony with yourself, be honest.

8. Strong smelling.
Your colleagues are unlikely to enjoy it when thanks to you the whole office smells of spices if you don’t work in the kitchen. If you want to have lunch at the workplace - leave at home everything that has a strong smell. This may seem like a trifle, but the flavors of such a meal can confuse your colleagues, divert their attention from important matters - and after all this is so easily avoided. When something causes discomfort to other people, not having an extreme necessity, people very quickly begin to resent. And your fragrant dinner will tell everyone that you are a terrible egoist, not caring about others, even if it is not really.

9. Burning bridges.
So much in the work is connected with the people we meet and the connections that we build. Therefore, dropping the atomic bomb on any professional relationship is a monstrous mistake.

Described behavioral abnormalities seem to unimaginable and extremely unwise. But a simple reminder of them is a great way to avoid meeting them forever.

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