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Top 5 tips to develop your career

Career is more than just an advancement in the process of working. The modern career includes a series of different jobs performed as a result of moving between different organizations. It requires active management, otherwise, your chances are not great. In the modern time, each employee is by and large faithful only to himself, his skills and profession, but not to his temporary employer.

Each individual needs to develop their own personal career development strategy in order to succeed in a highly competitive environment. Realizing your advantages, you can make the right decision. For example, if you don't like what you are doing, stop doing it right now. Planning of the career has always been of great importance, but today analysts say that it has changed a lot. Previously, if a person has been working in the same organization for 20-30 years. Now an increasing number of people realize that a career can cover a wide range of organizations, industries, and professions.

tips to develop your career

Given all the trends in the modernization of the relationship between managers and employees, the staff receives more responsibility. The organization is no longer fully responsible for managing your career. This situation is complicated by the fact that in many cases the traditional idea of moving upwards as the only right way of career development is receding into the past. Today, the career path is more characterized by horizontal and diagonal movement within the company, and you have more choices.

There are various classifications and ways to structure the different stages of career development. For example, some candidates are preparing to join the ranks of mercenaries and focus on acquiring the required skills. The freelancer is ready to choose a work from existing offers. These guys know their real skills and interests. They will think twice before making a decision. One mistake can destroy a reputation.

It is quite natural that the reassessment of goals occurs in the middle of a career. Individuals analyze their talents and determine the need to master new skills in order to continue to be valuable for the market. Career planning is closely connected with the definition of the main life goals, which have age characteristics.

1. The Basics of Successful Career Management

Career management is necessary today, but this is especially important if you feel dissatisfaction. Before you could determine that your career is at risk, or you may have noticed that you have stopped growing professionally you need to pay attention to the following points:
• Are you able to keep learning?
• Are you able to master new skills?
• Are you able to make a regular contribution to the success of your company?

2. Formulation of the problem

First, you have to understand where you are now, then decide where you want to go, and then you need to not only define the goal but also try to formulate and draw the path. In order to set career goals and show how you achieve them. It should be borne in mind that there are known limitations in career planning since many of the factors of the future are practically unpredictable.

However, you can conduct your own SWOT analysis by identifying your current level of skills and competence, tools that will either lead you to your goal or prevent you from achieving it. Opportunities are determined by assessing what is available now and what can be expected in the long run, by examining existing trends. Threats - obstacles are also identified, and their recognition will allow you to minimize the risks. Next, you need to identify your strengths, what you do better than others, which provides you with a competitive advantage in the labor market. Identifying strengths implies a better understanding of your interests and preferences: remember that you will not succeed in a work that you don’t like.
• Strive to test yourself in something new that at least indirectly can be useful for moving forward.
• Trust your own intuition and do not listen to pessimists.
• By betting on the best outcome you tune in to win.
• There are positive lessons in any experience, even if it's a failure.

It’s harder to identify your own weaknesses. Those reference points will indicate which of your knowledge and skills need for improvement. You need to know the critical factors in your chosen field and improve those aspects that you are weak in.

3. Formation of the main career strategy.

After conducting a thorough analysis, you should formulate your career strategy at its base.
• The increase of responsibility in the current position;
• Horizontal movement;
• Promotion to a position with increased responsibility;
• Retraining for mastering new knowledge.

4. Alternative career paths.

Whereas in the past, a career path has usually indicated an upward movement in managerial positions, now there are additional options that provide opportunities for people who are not interested in the traditional path. There are several groups of employees who successfully develop their careers in different ways.
• Managers who are moving up the traditional path through managerial positions. Here a special role can be played by the ability of a strategic vision of an organization’s problems.
• Project managers who make an important contribution to the success of the company. They are able to effectively lead project teams.
• Employees who attract the financial and human resources necessary for the work of the organization. The more diverse resources are required to run a business, the more important are the people who are able to establish effective interaction with the suppliers of these resources.
• Professionals who actually perform critically important work (experts with the knowledge, skills, and ability to implement strategic guidelines).

There are no universal recipes for creating successful careers. But there are a number of career building principles that it is useful to strive to follow in all circumstances.
• Be unique, develop your competitive advantages, knowledge and skills.
• Accept that it is you who are primarily responsible for the development of your career.
• Remember where you are going.
• Make useful connections.
• Always keep a positive attitude.

Scenario analysis is an attempt to understand where the rails on which your train is going lead. This is one of the ways to help a person look at himself and decide whether he needs to change something or not. You can continue to play the old role if the script is quite acceptable, but you can take on the directorial functions and write a new plot. However, you should not take the script as something negative, because without scenarios, our life would become a complete improvisation.

5. Determination and expansion of horizons.

Following the financial analogy, the core assets will be those skills and pieces of knowledge that are directly related to the main activity. It is believed that a successful manager should be able to allocate their core assets and concentrate on their development. And what about non-core skills and hobbies? Should I get rid of them? Greater success in life is achieved by one who focuses on a certain line of development, focusing on one business is better reflected in his professional achievements. Recruitment agencies with distrust relate to people, who travel simultaneously in different wagons.

Career building is a complex, multi-disciplinary and ambiguous process. There are many different strategies. At any stage of a career, perseverance and faith in what you do are essential qualities. Let the people who know you think that everything is already over for you. Only you know - everything is just beginning. Any failure can make a person wiser and stronger. As you know, Edison did over a thousand unsuccessful experiments, until finally a light bulb was born. But each of a thousand experiences gave him new knowledge about electricity. Soon the solution became so obvious that he simply could not find it. A vision of the future based on the determination not to retreat made Edison great. The more fierce the bitterness of defeat you have known, the fuller the feeling of happiness will be when they are replaced by victories that you already know the real price.

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