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Detailed instructions for those who are looking for work

First, you need to decide what kind of job you want to find. Keep in mind that at work you will spend a lot of time. It would be nice to immediately choose what you like.

Answer honestly to the following questions to yourself:
- Perhaps you have long wanted to try yourself in advertising or sales. Think carefully about what you like, what kind of job is right for you.
- Critically evaluate your abilities. Are you sociable enough for sales or focused to be a hairdresser? Do you know what marketing strategy is and can you compose it? Maybe you know the industrial equipment well, so why waste your time on inappropriate suggestions.
- Estimate how much money you need to live. But be realistic, make a start not from a maximum, but from a minimum.
- Look for similar jobs. Find out what salary is offered at these positions depending on the region and experience.
- Look for options in regional centers or nearby cities. You can always move to where the salary is greater and conditions are better.

The CV (Curriculum vitae) is a document in which you need to describe your employer with work experience, education, as well as skills, knowledge, achievements and desired salary. To make a resume correctly, follow our example.

Where to look for a job? Send more often your resume so that employers find you faster. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter for the request you need. But you can look for work on other sites. Check with friends and acquaintances if they are looking for new people in their companies. Perhaps this is your chance to get a good position. Do you know which company you want to work in? Visit the official website in the section "About Us" or "Career / Vacancies", usually there are job offers. On request "work" you can find groups in social networks with vacancies. Get registered with the Employment Service and get suitable offers.

Sometimes employers are asked to perform a test task, write a code word, or pass a typing test. Without these conditions, resumes will not be considered. Be sure that the title of your resume matches the title of the job. A Cover Letter will help the employer understand that you are a worthwhile candidate.

If you are an employer, most likely they will call or write you a letter within a week. After you have sent your resume, keep your finger on the pulse. Do not forget which companies and positions you sent your resume to. Be prepared for a call from the employer so that he does not take you by surprise. Check your e-mail not all employers call back. From the first time to find a dream job is not easy. If your resume is perfect, the search can take weeks or months. Just keep searching.

To pass an interview, you should tell about your experiences, skills, knowledge, career path and achievements. We recommend preparing a speech about your professional life. Think over the answers to possible questions of the recruiter. Do not be silent during a conversation with your employer. Ask questions about working at the company, about the workplace, team, salary. Come to the interview 10-15 minutes earlier to have time to look around and calm down. The employer, in turn, will pay attention to your punctuality. Do not forget about a smile, be friendly, do not worry. Behave yourself naturally and be extremely honest. Lying at the interview - the path to failure.

If you are not called to work - do not fall into despondency. Analyze the situation, draw conclusions, and go back to the search again.

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