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How to find the first job by following simple tips

You finish your studies or are already close to the moment when you come across the understanding that it's time for you to enter the exciting world of professional activity. Does it sound like a daunting task? You feel insecure? Put on a suit, clean your shoes and read these simple tips.

1. Develop an effective resume.
If you have completed your studies and started building your career, focus on your resume and field in which you want to find a job. The CV should indicate all your volunteer experience, unpaid work that you did for society if you think that it will be interesting for a future employer. Emphasize interesting projects that you did at the university, as well as special courses that you attended.

2. Make a professional mailbox.
Most e-mail addresses reflect nicknames, character traits, hobbies, favorite music, films or preferences in the visual arts, that's very cool when you give the address to your friends or relatives. You must know that the career will not have anything to do with your past life. So you should create a new mailbox with your real name and surname. And do not forget to check it regularly!

3. Google yourself!
Before you start your job search quest, enter your real name in the search line and make sure that the result does not damage your reputation. Perhaps you should change the settings of your social networks and close information, photos and posts from recruiters.

4. Make individual cover letters for each employer.
This task can be very unpleasant, but a little zeal over it will bring real benefits. You can write a universal cover letter, but it will not show your unique abilities and experience that can affect to decision for the particular employer.

5. Do you feel that your fighting spirit is falling? Visit your curator for a career, show him your resume, cover letter and ask for his opinion. Your consultant can tell you which companies are recruiting new employees.

6. Continue to be engaged in volunteer work!
The longer you sit idle, the longer you will look for work. Find a volunteer organization that is related to your future profession. It will give you the opportunity to improve your skills and gain new experience.

7. Never give up!
Do not lose motivation and keep moving forward. Thinking and acting positively, engage in useful and enjoyable pursuits throughout the day. Finding a job is a marathon, it is not a sprint. Do not lose heart after the first failure and returning to the recruiting websites after a while. In the end, you will be well rewarded for your perseverance!

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