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7 disappointing but honest facts about job searching

Everyone in his life faced with the realities of job searching. It is difficult and does not always go according to plan. Let's talk honestly.

1. Your poorly composed resume will never be read completely.
Remember the rule of 6 seconds? Just 6 seconds a recruiter spends on each resume. This time is enough for the first acquaintance. A good HR manager has the experience not to notice unnecessary, highlighting only that information that is really important. A clear sequence: experience, achievements, professional skills. Do you still want your resume to consist of two pages? You must abandon the useless words that spoil your CV. Yes, all of us are communicative and responsible.

Proper resume for job search

2. The –°over Letter will also not be ignored.
Is it worth describing the rhythm of the working day? No matter how important your employment seems to you, it's someone's routine. Nervous, with a lot of unfulfilled cases and deadlines. Thousands of emails a day waits to respond. Huge professionalism is necessary in order not to miss the right candidate. And you need a lot of creativity to write a cover letter which the recruiter will not pass by. It should be short and precise. Read aloud the letter to yourself if something makes you nervous, throw it.

3. Errors are always on the surface.
If the recruiters saw a defect like a spelling mistake they will close your CV immediately. It is so stupid to squander the chances to get a job. Check everything twice.

4. You must prepare a speech for the first meeting.
You should tell about yourself all the most important for one exhale. Tell the child about the prospects, ambitions, about what you are, if he understands it you will succeed. Use the story that characterizes you. Let them remember you as the guy who somehow managed to sell a steak to a vegetarian.

5. There are questions that you do not like to answer.
You can not answer questions about children, religion, personal life, whether you smoke, drink alcohol, how much you weigh, what your financial situation is. Do not let not too polite people ask incorrect questions. It can be a test for the force majeure situation to understand how you behave outside the bounds of dogmas and are a psychologically stable person who knows how to delineate the zones of what is permissible. Any unpleasant question can be answered by changing the vector of conversation.

6. Your accounts on social networks give out the whole truth about you.
Photos, music, subscriptions, malicious comments, black humor will tell about you more than a professionally prepared CV. More than 90% of HR managers, when they receive your resume, will look at your profile in social networks. Just know that the boundaries between personal and professional are often very blurred.

7. There is no ideal workplace
There is no ideal company, team, duties, lunch, vacation. Give yourself the opportunity to gain work experience, communication, experience solving difficult problems. In general, do not be discouraged at the first job, do not give up the profession, if something did not go right. Finding is always more interesting than searching.

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