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How to avoid fraud while searching for a job

Loss of work, change of domicile, desire to improve life, these factors will lead people to job portals, to newspaper pages, to coupons of ads or to recruitment agencies. The hopeless situation of dismissed and desperate people attracts the attention of scammers. Therefore, the applicant must carefully examine the potential employer and according to this research, fill in the relevant questionnaires and bulletins.

Differences between a scammer and a real employer are sometimes understandable from the first words of the ad. Work for 3 hours a day! Once a week! Age 21-80! This announcement is able to attract a lot of unemployed people who want to get a lot of money and little work. Scammers are happy to meet those who are caught on a hook.

Evaluating this proposal calmly, without emotion, you should disassemble it in parts and identify inconsistencies:
- no large company is willing to pay too much;
- without experience and education еру employers offer one-time or low-paid jobs;
- the restriction for good positions is substantial; Free cheese is only in a mousetrap. The expensive free cheese is in a golden mousetrap.

Learn the company profile before sending the resume:
- Phone;
- Address;
- Official website;
- Good reviews on the Internet; Verify phone and address on maps, these parameters must match. The official site, contacts page, about us page and the related of information on it should be examined. Reviews in a professional environment and position in the market. After that, you can make a call or send the CV. So you can check phone number, data of the company and asking a couple questions.

The next link in the chain is the interview.
Draws attention to the atmosphere in the office and the number of employees, their affairs at the time of the visit. An office with three pieces of paper on the table should arouse suspicions, as well as the untidy kind of recruiter that offers the unbelievable. In the middle of the interview, you can demand the conclusion of an employment contract and observe the reaction. Scammers will go into lengthy explanations of why this should not be done.

You shouldn't pay for approval of your candidacy for any position. Paying for training with a delay in the result is often a mistake for the applicant. Training, courses on sales, on calls, on communication with the client are provided by companies for free. Scammers after the receipt of money will disappear without a trace. Even if uniforms are needed for workers, its value is then deducted from the salary and not vice versa. The necessary tools are issued to carry out the work. Seminars are included in working hours and are paid by the employer. Remember that you want to make money! Good Luck.

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