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Popular active vacancies and valuable advice for job seekers

The new fiscal year begins and each company launches a new cycle of personnel search to maintain a successful business. Many companies are launching new projects, products and production facilities, so many new vacancies appear in the labor market. In addition, now the active period of job search starts for students who have adapted to the new schedule and looking for part-time work.

Working specialties are always in the top of active vacancies. In particular, all manufacturing companies will gradually build up a staff of five traditional professional fields: laborers, loaders, engineers and mechanics. Manufacturing ranks first when the economy grows, it is particularly true for the active phase. The new enterprises will be opened. People stop being afraid of falling markets and begin to invest more money in the development of their business. The most popular are working specialties in the light industry: technical support, electrical engineer, quality assurance and production management. For all these groups the supply of active vacancies exceeds demand. The development of industries and production, as well as construction and architecture, show the greatest growth and entail the development of other related industries. If growth is observed, then auxiliary industries, for example, advertising, sales. This suggests that the growth of the economy will be sustainable.

The second most popular is trading. This is sales consultants, sales representatives, cashiers, merchandisers, store managers and sales managers. The third of most popular is the administrative staff (couriers, drivers, secretaries) and most popular for the beginning of a career for students.

The big boom of vacancies in the IT market has finally stabilized. So, the market continues to grow slowly, but the demand for IT professionals has subsided. Now, most of the programmers are Middle and Senior.

The number of job offers for students will be falling. This trend will continue even in the summer. For new projects, employers often look for ways of mechanical or software automation. These young and active persons can be overboard of the economy. They will begin to replenish the ranks of the losers and the unemployed. As an example, job vacancies in banks that are ready to take junior financial advisers are reduced. Some of them don't recruit employees to the offices at all. This is a normal process and you shouldn't be resisted. Yes, some office work provides the possibility of the first job, but here it is rather a question of the format of the internship.

There are always a lot of vacancies if we talk about hospitality: waiters, bartenders, baristas, beginners, chefs.

Look for what you need. Do not sit and wait until your application is responded to by the employer. Employers want to get a person who no warms a chair in the office, but works for the result quickly and efficiently. The resume itself is also very important. Make it right. Then you can take a good position in your industry no matter how popular it is now.

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