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How to create a resume that is guaranteed not be rejected

The beginning of your acquaintance with the employer is a resume. The CV indicates all the information about you as an employee. So you should make it interested for the employer, encourage him to invite you to an interview. There is nothing complicated, it is just necessary to answer carefully to the solution of this question, to be able to objectively analyze our advantages and present disadvantages in a favorable light. To allocate the main thing and to leave behind the scenes insignificant.

When writing a resume, it is necessary to make a special document version for each of company. When writing a resume, it is necessary to make a special document version for each of company. The resume should contain information that will be interesting only for this particular vacancy.

Why can not I make a universal resume?
First of all the employer may think that the candidate has not yet decided what he wants from his profession. Secondly, it is not clear what kind of job he wants to get in here. Finally, the bosses require direct answers. When drafting a resume, consider who will be reading it HR manager or the company's director. A person who knows everything about HR management can't know the intricacies of your profession at all.

To list professional experience follows not in chronological but in the reverse order from the last place of work. The managers pay special attention to where and in what position the candidate has worked for the past three years. They need to make sure that your knowledge and practical skills allow you to take the proposed position.

Do not need useless information.
Interests and hobbies should not be indicated in the CV direct if it does not have a relationship to the profession you are applying for. Information about how many children you have, what dishes you prefer for dinner or how you spend your free time. There is nothing wrong with the fact that the sales manager likes to read detective stories. This is absolutely neutral information in this case. Information must be filed laconic, short, full. If you have a basic knowledge of the use of computer technology, you do not need to specify them. If you work with specialized software is required to mark it. This will give you an advantage.

Don't use templates and standard samples.
You should be original, show creativity. Your goal - to engage the employer, to attract interest, to get an invitation for an interview. If you can achieve this, wait for the cherished call, it will be your first small victory.

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