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How to find a job for the bartender

The work of a bartender can be exciting and quite profitable, although not suitable for everyone. All candidates should be prepared for a non-standard working schedule, for working with rough and drunk clients and for performing different tasks simultaneously. Here we will explain to you how to start and get success in this career.

bartending courses

1) Meets the requirements.
To work as a bartender you must be older than 21 and pass a drug test. Sometimes, in order for you to be hired, you must take special courses. You will learn how to prepare hundreds of different cocktails, how to serve cocktails, and how to distinguish between different types of alcohol. Such courses include topics as driving in a state of intoxication, alcohol content in the blood, selling alcohol to a minor, preventing intoxication, how to behave with drunk customers and other.

barman's assistant

2) Find a job as a waiter or a barman's assistant.
The duties of the barman's assistant include preparing glasses, trays, ice, wiping out the bar rack and replenishing stocks. Waiters are responsible for dispensing cocktails to clients. Both these roles will provide you with the first experience in the bar and prepare you for the future profession of a bartender. Tell your manager to be aware that you would like to work as a bartender so that he can tell you when a vacancy will appear.

practical experience

3) More practice.
No matter what path you choose, you will need more practice before you feel confident about managing the bar. Most employers give new employees the opportunity to train in the field and put them in a pair with already experienced bartenders to transfer experience and traditions.

find the first job

4) Find a job as a bartender.
Bartenders can find work in a variety of places: in restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and concert halls. You should become a bartender at all costs even if this is not the most popular place in the city. Check other jobs from time to time.

5) Do not forget about the qualities inherent to the good bartender.
The bartender's routine may seem cheerful and carefree, but sometimes it is very nervous. Ability to control the negative emotions is necessary. This job requires good social skills. You should enjoy the company of people and be ready to communicate with drunken customers. Bartenders must remember the recipes of hundreds of different drinks and monitor who ordered what drink and count money. Often you need to overcome stress, especially if you work in a noisy bar, and you are the only one on your shift. Most of them have a low salary, so basically they expect a good tip. Friendly, amiable and charismatic bartenders are more likely to get a good tip.

communication with customers

6) Be lenient with the drunk customers.
Professional ethics gives you the full right to discontinue service if the client is in a state of strong alcohol intoxication. You need to know when the client should stop, and in some cases ask him to leave the bar. Drunk customers can be rude and even aggressive, so it is very important to understand the basics of psychology to confront such people. You must be bold enough and self-confident.

7) Learn more tricks.
You should know everything about new cocktails and know which combinations are popular at the moment.

Completion of specialized bartender courses does not guarantee you a job, but thanks to the perseverance you will definitely get the desired result. Walk around the bars in your city to find out their requirements. Some bars can hire people without work experience and train them on the spot. Always be ready to work on weekends, holidays and until late at night.

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