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Ember Office Manager (Maternity Coverage) vacancy

Ember Office Manager (Maternity Coverage) Primary leader in overseeing all day-t

Ember, llc
Position: Office Manager Salary: $25.00 per hour Type: Contract Location: Newburyport, MA
Primary leader in overseeing all day-to-day and ongoing operational related functions at Ember - 70% Office, 10%
Technology, 10% Calendar 5% HR, 5% Financial
Hours/Time: Coverage for Maternity Leave - Feb 11 - May 17, 2019 (start and end date subject to change) Monday -
Thursday 9:00am - 1:00pm - 25 hours a week in Newburyport Office, not eligible for work-remote - $25/hour.
Position Type: Contractor 1099
A contractor office manager whom is able to come in and step into the role while our current office manager is out on
maternity leave. Our team is always on the go in the office and out therefore this person needs to be a reliable
consistent in office presence. They keep the office going and up to speed so that it is an efficient office for the other
team members to get their jobs done. This is someone who enjoy’s routine and tasks repeating weekly. An individual
who see’s something that is wrong or undone, and that drives them crazy…so the individual solves the immediate
need. Since this is a short term role this needs to be someone who at the end of week 1 says, “Got it! Also, I noticed
something I could improve Y, could I add that to my list next week”. This person is delightful or people describe them as
delightful….this person anticipates challenges and goes right into them…this person doesn’t necessarily want anyone
else’s job/role….rather…they think “how can my role, help them and improve their work”…this person looks at an
unorganized closet…and is excited to come in the next day a little bit early to systemize, organize and type-A that
closet to death…..and then put in their calendar/task list “organize closet bi-weekly”. Must be brilliant at organization,
details, and dealing with 20+ people not noticing all the things you do that allow EMBER to run and be amazing!
> Office management - keep Ember humming with support and leadership in overseeing all aspects of the office for
company, including but not limited to: Office supplies, chores, systems, landlord interaction, storage, trash, recycling,
kitchen, filing paperwork and more
> IT management - foster the technology needs, maintenance and performance so team can function at highest level
and maximum “Up” time. Proactive triage.
> Assisting our President with HR functions of the company, hiring administration, performance management systems,
calendaring/resource allocation, PTO reports (travel index, etc) and general HR administration
> Financial - No data entry, vendor follow-up and financial paperwork
> 1+ Years in office management or administrative support
President of the Company

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