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Personal Trainer vacancy

Personal Trainer We are looking for Retro Fitness Personal Trainers to enhance t

Retro Fitness
Position: Personal Trainer Salary: $24.00-28.00 per hour Type: Full Time Location: Oaks, PA
We are looking for Retro Fitness Personal Trainers to enhance the competencies of our Retro Fitness franchise by
conducting training programs that will boost franchise club performance in alliance with company brand and core
values. Our personal training department, known as Retro Results – powered by the New Exercise Order, is centered
on generating positive and infectious energy conquering obstacles all clients have. Part-Time or Full Time position
meeting all State and Federal requirements and regulations. (See ADP for assistance.)
Live by the RETRO values – integRity, dEdication, consisTency, expeRience and innOvation!
⦁ Build clientele base through prospecting, conducting fitness assessments, seminars and class demos.
⦁ Prescribing comprehensive wellness programs based individual client’s goals.
⦁ Motivating and inspiriting clients to reach their goals with enthusiasm.
⦁ Keeping clients accountable using a combination of goal setting, and consistent re-evaluations and assessments.
⦁ Embodying the pinnacle of professionalism through actions and attitude.
⦁ Cultivating a safe, enjoyable community between Team Training, Small Group Training and One-on-One instructions
with the Retro Results family.
Working environment will predominately occur within the Retro Fitness Outlet, however franchisee or upper
management may host outside marketing events in which employee may be scheduled for.
Direct report
This position is supervised by positions below and in order of:
⦁ Retro Fitness Head Coach
Retro Fitness Mission Statement
Retro Fitness is a Health Club built on the respect and dedication for each of our members who entrust us to help
them achieve their health and fitness goals. Our mission is to provide a consistent and innovative customer
experience for each member to realize their true fitness potential; making America a healthier place 1 visit, 1 rep, 1
mile at a time.
⦁ Strong desire to help others reach their health and fitness goals.
⦁ Able to conduct training sessions with large and small groups.
⦁ Ability to work designated shifts as determined by management.
⦁ Understanding of the principles of physical fitness and proper exercise technique.
⦁ Strong customer service skills.
⦁ NASM, ACE, NSCA or ACSM personal training certification.
⦁ CPR/AED certification.
Certain duties may be modified or added as determined by the General Manager or Fitness Managers.

*Contact is directly with the founders and managers for hire. No other parties are allowed
We do not collect, store, or transmit personal information about our customers

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